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Tools & Reports

We’ve opened up some of our most popular tools, assessments, and report generators from our courses—for free:

The #1 tool for instantly improving remote teamwork.

This custom PDF report generator from our Remote Teamwork course walks you through all the tiny considerations that add up to make a big difference in the way others can work with you.

Is your team living up to its full potential?

This survey, based on our flagship Dream Teams Course, generates a 5-page custom report examining the state of your team across 9 key metrics—and offers advice on how to immediately improve team dynamics.

The world-renowned open-mindedness assessment

How open-minded are you? How good are you at holding the course when it’s the right thing to do? This illuminating self-assessment from our Dream Teams Course will help you see blind spots and learn how to become a better collaborator.


Generate Character Arcs In A Snap

Every character in a good story goes on a journey. Use this free tool, from our course The Storytelling Edge, to plan out your character journeys—whether you’re working on a novel or a sales pitch.

Generate A Custom PDF Report With All You Need

Map out a course for your content marketing! The following 10-minute questionnaire from our Storytelling course will generate a highly robust PDF report with a custom roadmap for your content strategy.

What Type of Meeting Should You Have?

What kind of meeting should you have? Should you even have a meeting? This tool from our Remote Teamwork Course will help you decide—and lay out guidelines for optimizing whatever gathering is going to accomplish your goals best.