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The world needs us to level up.

Our Manifesto:

Business Skills Courses

The work you do matters.

To your team.

To your family.

To your customers.

To the world.

So we owe it to you to help you work even smarter:

To make you even more innovative.

To help your teams make even more impact.

To help you climb higher, faster.

To help you lead the people, get the promotions, exceed the targets, delight the customers, innovate the products, and FEEL GREAT while doing it.

That’s why Snow Academy exists.

So while too much of the working world is stuck, focusing on the past’s problems, mired in the past’s paradigms, and clinging to the past’s priorities:

Our goal is to give you the business skills you need to lead and succeed in the next 20 years, not the past 20.

And we focus on three key things that the future of work depends on:

Meta Skills That Help Us Adapt To A Fast-Changing World


Meta Skills That Help Us Adapt To A Fast-Changing World

In 2020, we all learned firsthand just how crucial it is for leaders and businesses to adapt quickly.

And we won’t know what tomorrow’s challenge will be, but we can know that we have what it takes to tackle it.

That’s why we believe in mastering “meta skills”—skills that help us adapt, rather than rules that break when the world changes. Skills that we can apply in all areas of our work and lives—not just today’s current challenge.

We’re talking about skills that help us process information critically, that help us solve problems more cleverly, that help us think before we react, and that help us approach confrontation and complexity with intellectual humility, emotional intelligence, and wisdom.

Innovation Skills That Help Us Think & Work Smarter Than Before


Innovation Skills That Help Us Think & Work Smarter Than Before

A wise man once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.”

To that, we might add, “We cannot solve tomorrow’s problems with the same thinking that solved yesterday’s different problems.

So if we’re going to solve the problems of tomorrow and build a brighter future for our teams, our families, our customers, and the world we have to learn to think like innovators.

Skills for lateral thinking and innovative problem-solving aren’t just for hackers and inventors. Our teams and families and customers—and the world—need us to wield them.

Human Skills That Help Us Bring Out The Best In People


Human Skills That Help Us Bring Out The Best In People

The most unnecessary problems in the workplace—and the world—are a result of people thinking differently than one another.

And yet, every great innovation in human history was the result of different people combining their ideas, pushing one another to get better, or standing on the shoulders of thinkers who came before.

So instead of avoiding our differences, or learning to deal with our differences, what if we learned to appreciate and even harness our differences?

It takes human skills to work together with people of diverse personalities, backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas. Skills for communicating and presenting and including and solving problems with emotional intelligence. Skills of productive confrontation and depersonalization, healthy debate, culture-building, micro-inclusion, and more.

These are the skills that will make us smarter than the smartest of one of us.

Join us at Snow Academy, and let’s push ourselves forward

—and upward—