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Let’s Level Up Together

See why so many organizations have trusted SNOW to help their people build habits and grow.

Let’s Level Up Together

You need your team to be ready for tomorrow’s work.

But they’re busy. Their minds are on today.

Besides, they’ve seen boring training programs come and go.

If they’re going to spend time on training, it had better be worth it.


That’s where Snow Academy comes in.

21st Century Meta Skills

We teach 21st Century Meta Skills via interactive, online courses that smart, busy people actually want to take.

Active Learning

Designed for memory encoding & habit building.

Custom Learning Paths

No time or energy wasted.

Skills That Pay Off

Cutting edge skills, backed by t he latest science.

Designed to be More Powerful when Learned Together.

Human Skills That Help Us Bring Out The Best In People

What we provide for groups & teams:

Targeted Training

We’ll assemble a custom learning path for your team’s specific goals.

Team Assessments

Insightful assessments that identify opportunities and challenges for your team. Can be done together with a training program—or on their own.

Course Discounts

Teams learn better when they learn together.

Facilitation & Accountability

Add facilitation options to your training program and get special group discussion and exercise guides that help your team complete the program, integrate what they're learning, and build culture.

Live Training & Keynotes

Kick off, reinforce, or capstone your team’s learning program by adding on a live, virtual keynote or workshop from a Snow Academy instructor.

Why Choose Snow Academy For Your Next Group Skills Training Program:

Innovative Courses For The Most Important Skills Of Tomorrow

Innovative Courses For The Most Important Skills Of Tomorrow

Too many training programs teach the same things we’ve been saying in business since the 1990s.

Not Snow Academy.

We use the latest neuroscience and psychology research to create training that’s fresh, proven, and relevant to your business goals.


The Most Compelling, Inclusive, & Modern Online Learning Experience Out There

The Most Compelling, Inclusive, & Modern Online Learning Experience Out There

Snow Academy’s learning platform is built on world-class technology, is gorgeous and intuitive on all devices, and serves up courses that people actually love to take.

Scientifically Proven To Work

Scientifically Proven To Work

While other online courses simply show you videos and hope you learn, Snow Academy’s online courses and live training programs actually help you practice and integrate new habits and skills—resulting in skills that last, and growth for your business.

Our innovative learning methodology is created by the mastermind who previously designed groundbreaking e-learning systems at The Princeton Review and Trilogy Education.

And a mission to make business better.

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