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Dream Teams:
Breakthrough Teamwork

An interactive course for mastering the most important skills of tomorrow’s teams.

Breakthrough Teamwork

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SNOW has given us a new vocabulary, new ideas, and a framework for challenging ourselves to tackle a different way of working and interacting.
— EVP, Fortune 500 Company

The Future Of Business Requires Futureproof Teamwork Skills

This program has been designed with the latest psychology & neuroscience research to help you with exactly that:

In This Program, You’ll Learn To…

In This Program, You’ll Learn To…


Work better with people who aren’t like you—and understand how to unlock the potential your differences bring to the table.


Debate productively, communicate about difficult topics, and explore disagreement rather than be derailed by it.


Be a more adaptable thinker, a more productive teammate, and a better group problem-solver.

 An incredible experience.... life-changing.
— Program Manager, US Government Agency
What’s In This Program:

What’s In This Program:

Over a dozen interactive tools


8 learning modules

Over a dozen interactive tools

Learn at your own pace or together as part of a group learning program


Far more effective than trainings we’ve paid several times more for.
— CMO, Inc. 500 Tech Company

Level up your teamwork skills today:

What Makes SNOW Training Programs Different

We’ve reimagined online learning from the ground up with the help of the world’s leading neuroscientists and e-learning designers.

One-to-one instruction, like a tutor is with you

Most online courses translate the experience of being in a lecture to the internet, and it’s incredibly ineffective. Our courses guide you like a tutor or friend that’s helping you master a concept—using a proprietary methodology developed by the world’s top e-learning designer.

Designed for maximum memory encoding and minimum boredom

When you’re learning online, the internet is a click away. You won’t learn if you’re bored. We use over a dozen formats for interactive instruction, based on neuroscience-backed techniques that maximize memory encoding. You’ll learn quicker and faster, and you won’t be bored.

Built to make you more successful at work and life

After you learn a new concept, we ensure you apply it in the real world and see results. You’ll leave the course with real tools you’ll use again and again, and with our continuing ed, the learning never stops. You’ll join a community of leaders revolutionizing the way we work, and building a better business world.

Level up your teamwork skills today:

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